SDSD - Main Office

4101 W 38th St., Suite 101
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Phone: 605-367-5200
Fax: 605-367-5209


SDSD - West River Clinic

2138 Jackson Blvd
Rapid City, SD 57702

Phone: 605-791-7839
Fax: 605-394-2427


South Dakota School for the Deaf Staff Directory

Staff Position Email Address
Eileen Anderson Outreach Consultant - Aberdeen
Lisa Behrends Senior Secretary
Denika Boomsma Outreach Consultant - Rapid City
Julie Delfs Outreach Consultant - Sioux Falls
Janna Hannahs Audiology Technician-
Rapid City
Sheila Hansen Human Resource Director
Claudean Hluchy Business Manager
Alissa Hutchinson Outreach Consultant - Sioux Falls
Dr. Carly Johnson Audiologist - Rapid City
Dr. Sarah Johnson Audiologist - Sioux Falls
Sherry Juergens Outreach Consultant - Sioux Falls
Greg King Director of Audiology - Sioux Falls
Sarah Lingle Outreach Consultant - Pierre
Julie Luke Outreach Consultant - Sioux Falls
Wes Lyngstad Audiology Technician- Sioux Falls
Nancy McKenzie Accountant
Ron McKenzie Audiology Technician- Sioux Falls
Nina Ringstmeyer Outreach Consultant - Hot Springs
Kerry Ruth Outreach Consultant - Deadwood
Jodi Schnider Outreach Consultant - Sioux Falls
Kami Van Sickle Service Coordinator - Sioux Falls
Kim Wadsworth Superintendent - Sioux Falls
Sharon Jones Outreach Consultant - Aberdeen