Transition Assessments

The following assessments are relatively new so once you look at them and if you are interested in learning more about whether or not one or more of these assessments would be appropriate at your student’s next IEP meeting, please speak with you SPED teacher.

Person Centered Transition Assessment (PCTA) (PDF)

A Person Centered Transition Assessment (PCTA) is a facilitated conversation about what is important to and for the student now and in the future, who is in their life, and how to support them as goals are developed that reflect the student’s aspirations for living, learning, and working in the community as an adult. The conversation helps us determine the student’s interests and what their vision is for the future. This discussion is focused on the student but we also like to include the parents and anyone else who is close to the student such as teachers, school staff, or other outside providers (Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, Family Support, etc.)


GAP - Guide to Access Planning

GAP combines a wide spectrum of practical resource materials produced by a team of audiologists and deaf educators - some who are deaf and hard of hearing themselves.


College Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

This site offers a variety of information about transitioning for high school into post-secondary schooling. It goes over specific AT devices, links to scholarships, and links to post-secondary options specific to D/HH students.