Ribbon of Service Partnership

The Ribbon of Service Partnership focuses on cultivating collective efficacy. In this partnership, professionals and families work collaboratively to ensure all South Dakota students who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) and their families receive support by increasing knowledge about how each agency supports children and families who are DHH.


First Name Last Name Agency E-mail
Brad Bies Parent  bradbies@hotmail.com   
Sara  Bies Parent smbies7@gmail.com 
Bernadette Boes Department of Health  Bernadette.Boes@state.sd.us 
Melissa Bothun DOE Melissa.Bothun@state.sd.us 
Sarah  Carter Birth to Three sarah.carter@state.sd.us
Callista Cline SDAD callista.powell@gmail.com
Coral  Dirks USD Coral.Dirks@usd.edu 
Crystal Goeden Birth to Three crystal.goeden@state.sd.us
Ashley Haselhorst Parent ashleejhasel@outlook.com
Shelby Jepperson EHDI Shelby.Jepperson@usd.edu
Brett King Professional Hearing Services Brett@2ears.com
Nicole Nelson Hands & Voices nnelson@sio.midco.net
Julie Paluch Department of Human Services Julie.Paluch@state.sd.us
Katie Peterson SD DROP kpeterson@sddrop.org
Holly Ralston Midwest ENT Hollyr@midwestent.com 
Hailey Bowers Department of Rehabilitation - Deaf Service Program Specialist Hailey.Bowers@state.sd.us
Lisa Sanderson Parent Connection lsanderson@sdparent.org
Amy Scepaniak USD Center for Disabilities Amy.Scepaniak@usd.edu
Laura Scholten SDSD laura.scholten@sdsd.sdbor.edu
Lance Sigdestad CSD lsigdestad@sddrop.org
Ben Soukup SDAD Foundation ben@soukupcompanies.com
Kami Van Sickle SDSD kami.vansickle@sdsd.sdbor.edu
Eric Weiss Department of Human Services  Eric.Weiss@state.sd.us 
Lacey  Wondercheck Northwest Area School Lacey.Wondercheck@k12.sd.us