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Transition Services Liaison Project

Transition Services Liaison Project

There is so much for you and your student to think about as they prepare to move through this transition. It can be a stressful and anxious time for your family because of not knowing what lies ahead but with a plan put together with input from all members of your student’s IEP team, your student will be on their way to success.

Transition Services Liaison Project offers additional resources for your student:


South Dakota DHS Guardianship and Conservator Information


The SD Department of Human Services provides assistance to adults by providing court appointed guardianship or conservatorship services or by providing financial assistance to families or others in obtaining guardianship or conservatorship of an adult.

Establishment of guardianship insures that decisions made regarding the affairs of a person with a disability are made with informed consent. A guardian can make decisions for the person with a disability who is not able to make decisions for him/herself.


South Dakota Parent Connection 


South Dakota Parent Connection provides the following resources:

  • Individual assistance provided to families and professionals
  • Workshops for families and professionals offered throughout the state
  • Electronic and printed publications and online resources
  • Connect families to other organizations that can provide assistance to meet their unique needs